our Services

Gym Conceptualization

Elevate your gym experience with SayesFit! From designing, to supplying and setting up your gym. We prioritize safety and provide expert advice on equipment as well as after sales services (gym maintenance/repairs/replacements).;;

Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs

Boost overall business performance by enhancing employee’s wellness. SayesFit offers customized corporate fitness programs to improve physical and mental health with tailored exercise routines, nutrition guidance and wellness workshops.

Sports Team Sponsorship

Improve your team’s performance with over premium kits and accessories designed to enhance athletic ability and give your team the competitive edge needed to succeed.

Fitness Bootcamps

Get fit and expand your fitness knowledge with our one hour outdoors and fifteen minutes educational session. Improve your physique, nutrition and overall know-how in a fun, engaging group setting. It is free and all fitness enthusiast are welcome.